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ISWEEP X5 Review

It's good to have a robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping feature, if your floor gets not only dusty but also dirty. If you're investing on a robotic vacuum cleaner, also look for this feature along with suction capacity, automatic charging, smart controls and other specifications. Isweep X5 is one such

Shark ION AV751 – Robot Vacuum

Click for more photos There are many under $50 robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market today, as well as over $400 products. If you're wondering is it worth to spend more on premium quality models or the cheaper ones are reliable, here is a good news for you. The latest

Experobot EX500 Review

Click to see more photos The new Experobot EX500 is released to the market recently. We don't know why the brand is counting the numbers backward for its model numbers, but the EX501 model released last year was quite a hit in the market. Here is a quick Experobot EX500 review

Ultenic D5 Review – Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

View more photos If you're searching for a powerful automatic Vacuum cleaner that doesn't cost a fortune, this could be a good news for you. The latest Ultenic D5 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with high-end specification and best performance, yet with affordable price tag. This model offers most of the features

Experobot Mini K5AV Review

Good news for someone who doesn't want to spend lot of money, still need a robotic vacuum cleaner with all useful features. Experobot has released its new entry level robotic vacuum cleaner model, the Mini K5AV with all basic features at an affordable price. Here is our quick Experobot Mini

Robocist 850 Review – Smart Robot Vacuum

As the low cost Chinese robotic vacuum cleaners are flooding in the market, there are very few premium quality products you find that are worth buying. The new Robocist 850 smart robotic vacuum cleaner is one such device. The model doesn't come with a boasting specification, but does the cleaning

Kealive I6 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you still wasting your precious time and energy in manually brooming your house? Then its time to delegate that work to a robotic vacuum cleaner and use your time on other important things. Here is a quick Kealive I6 Review on the latest robotic vacuum cleaner in the market,

Aiibot T360 Review – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Aiibot T360 is the new Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in the market that comes with all useful features at an affordable price tag. The device has cute alien ship looking design with super thin 3.3 inch height. Thought the model is budget friendly, it doesn't miss anything compared to high-priced premium

DeenKee DK700 Review- Robotic Vacuum

DeenKee DK700 is the new robotic vacuum cleaner in the market that comes with tons of useful features at an affordable price. The model comes as an upgrade to the brand's hot selling DK600 vacuum cleaner. Here is our quick DeenKee DK700 Review to explore more about this new vacuum

iMartine 1600Pa C800 Review – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If your are looking for an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner, the new iMartine C800 1600Pa suction automatic vacuum cleaner should be one in your list to consider. Here is our quick iMartine C800 1600Pa Review to explore the latest model's features and specifications.  Though the iMartine C800 is a budget friendly