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MOOSOO RT40 & RT50 Review

There is not much of innovation we see in robotic vacuums recently. Suction capacity, mopping technology, Smart and voice controls, collision detection, scheduling and mapping are quite some variations we normally seeing now a days. MOOSOO RT40 and RT50 Robotic vacuum cleaners are new entrants in the market, released from

YTE X580 Robot Vacuum Review

YTE X580 Robot Vacuum cleaner is one another good product grabbed our attention recently. The model comes with impressive specification and attractive design. Though the company is offering lot of useful features in this model, the price-tag is also kept competitive to attract more customers. With tons of matching specifications

Bagotte BG600 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ease of use and time saving is what makes Robotic Vacuum cleaners dearer to every home. In this section a new product has arrived - Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner. Have a look at its specifications and feature in below brief Bagotte BG600 review. Bagotte BG600 is a slim design robot

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