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Narwal T10 Review – All in one Robotic Vacuum

Narwal has released latest robotic vacuum cleaner to the market with all the functions one could expect from modern day robotic floor cleaners. The model comes with premium looking design and has decent specifications to get the job done. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can mop your floor and self clean itself, this new T10 model could be good one to check out. Let’s find what else this new device can do for you in our Narwal T10 Review.

Narwal T10 Review
Narwal T10 Review

The latest Narwal T10 vacuum cleaner comes with decent suction capacity of 1800Pa. Though we see other models with 2000Pa or more suction capacity at this price range, the rated capacity it just enough to such sticky dirt, stubborn pet hair, dander and dust. It’s mopping and auto cleaning features are added advantage compared to its competing models.

The device has got two separate 1.3 gallons compartments to store clean and dirty water. Thereby ensures the floor gets a good quality mop compared to few other products in the market. The robot returns to its docking station as and when it needs to self-clean its mopping pads. The Narwal T10 has got smart navigation system that makes sure mapped area is cleaned without leaving any blind spots.

You can conveniently select the cleaning area, schedule or start /stop the floor cleaning through your smartphone App. The only manual intervention needed when you want to switch over from sweep to vacuum, the device has easy switch over feature. The Narwal T10 robotic vacuum cleaner has also got collision detection and cliff detection censors to keep itself safe from scratching the furniture or falling down from stairs.

Overall, the Narwal T10 robotic vacuum comes with useful features and decent suction capacity to make your floor cleaning task much easier and fun. The design also looks very premium and material used assures durability. The price tag looks to be little higher in the market, however the quality of the product and the features it offers justifies the price.

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