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We at AppliancesReporter strongly BELIEVE in building TRUST, and understand that only comes from UNBIASED reviews.

Our mission is to provide more accurate and precise information for consumers to make an intelligent purchase decision. At, at no point our review team is influenced by advertising or other commercial considerations. The Appliances Reporter is started keeping in mind growing need for useful reviews on latest Home appliances, Gardening and electronic products. Today the market is flooded with many products and online consumers are not finding reliable reviews and ending up with bad decisions. Our review team is committed to provide unbiased reviews and assist in buying a right product.

Based on users feedback on various E-Commerce sites and forums we pick some of the best Home Appliances, Gardening equipment and other electronic devices to carry out a comprehensive review.

If you are a user of a product listed in our reviews, please feel free to add your experience with the product on the comments section and let’s help the community!

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