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Avanti CF350M0W Review

Click for more photos The latest Avanti CF350M0W deep freezer comes with decent specifications and affordable price tag. The size and capacity is best suited for apartments, recreation rooms and dormitories. If you're looking for a 3.5 cubic foot freezer and defroster, check this new model, this one may meet your needs.

ICECO T12 Review

View More Images Have you ever missed a chilled drink during picnicking? Never miss it again, the well-known vehicle refrigerators maker, ICECO has released one more compact yet spacious portable freezer. The new freezer comes very handy during your family outings, also you can use it in home. If you're looking

ICECO VL75 Review

If you're searching for a high efficiency portable refrigerator with approximate 70 liters capacity, then the latest ICECO VL75 could be one best product to check out. The well-known appliance brand has recently released its VL range of portable refrigerators with varying capacity. The ICECO VL75 comes with 75 liters

Emerson CR510BSSE Review

Are you searching for a small elegant refrigerator for your small room, office or home? A new compact stylish double door refrigerator is now in market from Emerson - Emerson CR510BSSE specially designed for storing food and beverages in a small home or for a dorm. Here is a quick Emerson CR510BSSE

Kenmore 99053 Review – Compact Mini Refrigerator

When thinking about buying a mini refrigerator for dorm rooms, office break room or tiny kitchen, you have a new option from Kenmore, the new Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator. Here is a quick Kenmore 99053 review to explore if this product meets your needs. The Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator has 4.5

Kenmore 70219 Review

Do you like yo take care of your food to keep it fresh and hygiene, then Kenmore 70219 could be a right choice for you. This 20.5 cu. ft. refrigerator comes with integrated ice maker. The in-built ice maker is not just for a name sake or just to boast it's specifications,

MRP US ICE702 Review – Portable Ice Maker

Looking for a portable ice maker at budget price? This MRP US ICE702 Portable Ice Maker Review could help you to decide if this latest product in the market can solve your problem. The compact ice maker comes with many useful features and has affordable price tag. The appliance comes with attractive