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AIRROBO T10+ Review

The AIRROBO brand comes with good experience in the field of AI and humanoid robots. Their products are well known for excellent performance and value for money. The latest addition to their family is Airrobo T10+. Let’s have a quick go through about the overall details about Airrobo T10+ robotic vacuum cleaner in this review and you can decide whether to add it to your home or office.

AIRROBO T10+ Review

Airrobo T10+ robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a dimension of 35234898mm, has a strong suction power of 2700Pa. With this suction capacity we can surely assure our floor or carpet to be effectively cleaned from all types of dust – small or large, debris and pet hairs. It has a battery of 5200mAh, which upon a single charge would run for 250 minutes. Smart charging makes it return to the dock whenever battery gets low and after charging it resumes the work from where it stopped.

Another attraction of this robotic vacuum cleaner is the way it scans and maps your floor area for cleaning. Airrobo T10+ uses LiDAR navigation and USLAM Air 5.0TM algorithm for the scanning precisely. In each second, 8m long perception radius map is constructed with the help of laser sensors on the T10+ vacuum cleaner. Also don’t worry about collision and drop of this robotic vacuum cleaner. It will detect all obstacles using its 23 infrared sensors and also steps of about 8cm to avoid dropping. Overall, the Airrobo T10+ will effectively map the home, take the right cleaning trail and cleans all over the home.

Talking about main function – mopping and vacuuming, it is built with 2 in 1 electric control water tank and the T10+ switches between the two modes – mopping and vacuuming effortlessly. The robot has got automatic dirt disposal charging base. The dustbin will be emptied to the 3.3L allergy free disposable dust bag, where it can be stored up to 45 days. So you can be hands-free from dust for 45 days and lessen the work.

Coming to the controlling of Airrobo T10+ robotic vacuum cleaner, it can be started or stopped and controlled either by Tuya App, voice control – compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, or by remote control. With the help of Tuya App we can schedule the cleaning time, set a ‘not to go’ zone, select the area to be cleaned and how to clean (different cleaning and suction modes are available). It can also schedule the cleaning prior to 7 days also. For customers who are not smartphone users, T10+ can be easily operated using the remote control.

Altogether Airrobo T10+ robotic vacuum cleaner will definitely help you to keep your house ultra clean with less noise and gives you time for more relaxation. And its appearance is also attractive and will be a wise addition to your home.

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