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KUPPET Portable Ice Maker ZBI-12BR Review

If you’re looking for a portable ice maker that delivers ice cubes real quick, this one cute product is worth taking a look at. The compact 26 lbs ice maker from Kuppet is powerful enough to get you ice cubes in minutes whenever you need them. The latest KUPPET ZBI-12BR Portable Ice Maker comes with innovative features, real portable design and easy to use functions. Here is our quick KUPPET ZBI-12BR Portable Ice Maker Review to explore more about this product.

The new portable ice maker from Kuppet brand makes 9 ice cubes per cycle, and each cycle takes as short as 6 minutes. On total of 24 hours the appliance will produce 26 lbs / 12Kgs of ice cubes. Its storage tank can hold up to 1.5 L / 68 oz of water, so all your ice needs are met while you’re on outdoor trip. The device operates with very low noise of 45db, which you hardly notice.

The ice maker is obviously made of food grade material, also feels strong and durable. Thick foam layer is provided between inner and outer walls to ensure good thermal sealing. The ice remains in good shape for long duration even after the KUPPET ZBI-12BR is switched off. The device can make the ice cubes in two sizes, small and big to suit your need.

The design is compact and doesn’t cover much space. It can be easily placed on kitchen countertops, office pantry, and can be a perfect companion for family gatherings, parties and outdoor trips. It has got a transparent lid, through which you can see the ice making stage. A large LED display and easy to use touch buttons also provided on the lid. Overall, the KUPPET ZBI-12BR has got all good features and compact design to rate it as best Portable Ice Maker at this price bracket.

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