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Blueair HealthProtect 7470i Review

Air quality has become utmost important during this pandemic season. Though none of the Air purifiers are tested or found effective for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) so far​, it is recommended to use one. At least they help in keeping your family safe from most airborne virus and bacteria. HealthProtect 7470i is one such new Air Purifier in the market that removes 99.97% of airborne particles. If you’re planning to buy an Air Purifier, here is our quick Blueair HealthProtect 7470i Review to help you know if this model meets your needs.

The new model from Blueair comes with HEPASilent Technology that uses both mechanical and electrostatic filtration methods. The equipment provides 50% mode cleaner air compared to cheaper non-HEPA air purifiers. However, it consumes 55% less energy and operates quietly. Its automatically activated GermShield technology also prevents bacteria growth on its filters.

The HealthProtect 7470i air purifier traps and kills 99% of germs, also filters 99.97% of other airborne particles like dust, dander, bacteria, virus. The air purifier also removes odor and volatile organic compounds. The company doesn’t claim to remove SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, any such HEPA air purifier will surely provide clean air for your family and avoids common health issues.

The purifier is suitable for medium sized rooms of about 400 sq.ft. for a quick air cleaning. The equipment even works well on larger living rooms, thanks to its patented SpiralAir design. The innovative design ensures clean air at every corner of the room. The Blueair HealthProtect 7470i also has got few cool features like real-time air quality indication, App controls and VOC levels etc.

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