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Emerson CR510BSSE Review

Are you searching for a small elegant refrigerator for your small room, office or home? A new compact stylish double door refrigerator is now in market from Emerson – Emerson CR510BSSE specially designed for storing food and beverages in a small home or for a dorm. Here is a quick Emerson CR510BSSE review.

Emerson CR510BSSE is a 3.1 cubic foot, stainless steel exterior double door refrigerator. Very spacious in design with separate upper section for frozen items and bottom section with coated wire sliding shelf  for holding wide variety of food items. The door basket is made convenient to store 2 litre bottle and other beverage cans.

The cooling options in this Emerson CR510BSSE refrigerator can be maintained through mechanical control. Adjustable thermostat is included in the bottom section of the refrigerator for temperature management. For seeing food, vegetables, fruits or anything kept inside the refrigerator, interior blue LED is also provided.

Other feature of this double door refrigerator is reversible door. Reversible door hinge option allows right hand or left hand door handling. And the refrigerator has adjustable legs that provides leveling even on uneven floors. As compact in size, the product can be moved from one place to other very easily.

For a small room, dorm areas or office, this energy efficient Emerson CR510BSSE double door refrigerator would be a right addition.

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