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ICECO T12 Review

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Have you ever missed a chilled drink during picnicking? Never miss it again, the well-known vehicle refrigerators maker, ICECO has released one more compact yet spacious portable freezer. The new freezer comes very handy during your family outings, also you can use it in home. If you’re looking for an efficient mini freezer from a reliable brand, then this ICECO T12 Review will help you to decide if this latest appliance is worth buying.

With changing times, home appliances are getting smarter and innovative. This new model comes with built-in Bluetooth technology to connect with your smartphone. With Car Fridge App you can easily control the freezer settings, cooling modes, temperature and your car battery protection levels. Now you can control and monitor the refrigerator that’s laying on your car trunk. The ICECO T12 is powered with SECOP compressor, another reliable German brand known worldwide for high quality compressors.

The compact freezer comes with premium looking design and 1/3 the size of a traditional refrigerators. With its 22.4 x 12.6 x 9.1 inches dimensions, the freezer cum refrigerator fits on any small car trunks, RVs, yachts or any commercial vehicles. The product works with 12/24V DC power source, a power card is included in the package.

The ICECO T12 / GO12 can also be used at home with 110V AC power source, AC power card also included in the box. The ETL certified freezer comes with two working modes, Max and Eco. In Max mode the freezer delivers 0deg F (-18°C) deep chilling down performance, without need of adding ice. On its Eco mode the portable freezer works under energy saving mode.

Overall, the latest ICECO T12 comes with innovative features, reliable compressor, attractive and compact design, and more importantly effective deep chilling ability. The product also comes with a budget friendly price tag, to offer you a chilled drink on the drive, without burning a hole on your pocket.

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