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WAGNER WA888 Review

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Good health is THE foremost important gift you can give to your family. Pure and fresh air, free of bacteria and viruses will ensure you don’t get sick frequently. If you’re really serious about yours and your family’s health, it’s time to buy a good air purifier for your home. Here is our WAGNER WA888 Review, to explore if this latest HEPA-13 air purifier is good one to consider buying.

The Swiss made new WAGNER WA888 comes with four layers of filters. The high density Pre-filter layer removes larger dust particles and pet hairs. Its medical grade HEPA-13, second layer ensures up to 99.95% of particles are removed from air. Particles as small as 0.1 microns are efficiently removed by this filter, which includes mold, dust, hair, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, germs and other allergens.

The air purifier also has got active carbon filter layer that removes volatile organic compounds and chemicals. Its fourth and final cold catalyst filters absorbs formaldehyde, gasoline and other harmful gases. The WAGNER WA888 has smart algorithm that actually measures the filter life, based on air quality, run time and fan speeds.

The model also features an innovative i-Sense detection system that checks your room’s air quality and temperature. You can check the real time air quality readings on its display panel. It’s intelligent program automatically tunes the air purification system according to your room’s air quality. The compact WA888 model is capable of refreshing 500 sq.ft area room in just 10 minutes.

Full touch control buttons for setting the fan speed, timer, power button and other controls are also well placed near the display panel. The company is also providing two wireless remote controls along with WAGNER WA888 model. If your looking for a reliable medical grade HEPA air purifier at reasonable price, this model could be your best choice.

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