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Kenmore 99053 Review – Compact Mini Refrigerator

When thinking about buying a mini refrigerator for dorm rooms, office break room or tiny kitchen, you have a new option from Kenmore, the new Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator. Here is a quick Kenmore 99053 review to explore if this product meets your needs.

The Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator has 4.5 cu.ft capacity providing enough area for keeping foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables for a small kitchen. The mini refrigerator also has a built-in freezer, removable shelves, built-in can dispenser with in-door tall bottle storage space and bottle racks.

For ice making and storing frozen food materials and beverages, built-in freezer is there. Cooling compartment stores food below 32 °F. Defrosting is to be done manually. A temperature control knob is provided for setting temperature inside the compartment. You can quickly cool the food materials easily with the in-built freezer provision.

Keep the Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator in your office areas or bedroom without worrying about the noise disturbance. Compressor makes only a negligible noise without affecting your meetings or sleep. Together with its simple elegant look and compact design with an exterior dimension of 20.6″ W x 22.14″ D x 32.5″ H, Kenmore 99053 compact mini refrigerator could be a good addition for your dorm rooms, small kitchens or any other small places.

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