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FOTILE JQG7522 Review

One of the high- kitchen appliances manufacturers, FOTILE has introduced a new unique range hood to users for a wonderful cooking experience. Let us go through it’s special features in the below FOTILE JQG7522 review.

The 30″  FOTILE JQG7522 range hood with a slant of 45° angle provides wide ventilation area, ensuring smoke is effectively removed from the multiple burners. Mechanical Button Control panel with 3 speed settings is provided for easier use of the range hood.

90° Fume baffle plate that is normally open type and 30″ wide Fume inlet of the FOTILE JQG7522 range hood ensures smoke is sucked evenly from all angles and reduce spreading of the smoke. The effective quick suction of smoke from burners is done with the help of double centrifugal fan system in this range hood. Even though strong in extracting smoke, the FOTILE range hood is quiet in working with a sound of only 54dB / 2.64 sones.

Another specialty of the FOTILE JQG7522 range hood is that the oil filter is foldable, helping users in easy cleaning of the filter (can be cleaned in dishwasher as it is foldable). Also the large size oil cup provides more volume, thereby reducing cleaning frequency. The lighting in the range hood has a brightness of 500 lux giving a clear vision of the dish cooking around 6sf cooking area.

Smoke control in kitchen will be efficiently carried out with 97% Odor Reduction Rate and 95% Oil Filtration Rate with this FOTILE JQG7522 range hood. Moreover the range hood having an elegant design with flat sides, top and back, fits very well with every kitchen cabinet. For experiencing an effective smoke free cooking and enjoying kitchen time, FOTILE JQG7522 range hood would be a good choice.

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