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OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan Review

Summer days can be made cool using the OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan whether you are in dorm room, kitchen, on your desktop or any other small space. Here is a quick OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan review to explore the product in detail.

As the name suggests, this product is a portable mini air conditioning fan that can be used as Air Circulator, Mist Humidifier, Small Desk Fan, Evaporative Air Cooler etc. With a Dimension of 5.7” x 3.9” x 9.5” (L*W*H), OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan can be easily carried wherever you need cool air.

In this Air conditioning fan, there are 3 adjustable speeds. With a tank of water, OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan can spray cooling mist for 4-6 hrs. Adding ice cubes together with water helps in more cooling of the space. You can also pour drop of essential oil in the water so that cooling is done keeping desired moisture in skin and air humidity will be increased along with purifying the air. Never fully fill the tank, 3/4 Tank only should be filled for good result. Also for better cooling experience, it would be better when you keep it near you.

Automatic turn-off of the humidification function when there is no water in the tank is a good feature included in the OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan. Up and Down 120° adjustment of the wind outlet blade is also possible. Sprayed water drops from the nozzle is collected in a water tray and this helps in preventing desk or floor from getting wet and we can make sure that water is fully recycled. The product is economic also as power consumption is very low as a light bulb.

While selecting small air conditioning fan for dining table, dressing table, study desk or computer desk, OYRGCIK Mini Air Conditioning Fan could be a good choice.

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