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Kenmore 70719 Review – Compact Countertop Microwave

For easy cooking and reheating, every small kitchen and shared living space will be in need of a compact microwave oven. The new Kenmore 70719 compact counter top microwave could be a perfect choice. Let us go through the features of the oven in this Kenmore 70719 review.

The Kenmore 70719 microwave is compact in size with dimension 17.7W x 10.2H x 12.5D and capacity of 0.7cu.ft. For more even cooking, Concave Reflex System is used in this oven to concentrate the heat on the food to be cooked. Convection type cooking is not available in this oven.

The power used in the microwave is 700 watts. Six auto cook functions with 10 power settings helps us to quickly reheat, defrost or cook soup, popcorn, pizza, potatoes, frozen and fresh vegetables. Kenmore 70719 has recessed turntable providing easy putting in and taking out food for cooking. Timer of 59’99” minute is included for perfectly cooking food up to an hour. The Kenmore 70719 compact counter top microwave also sports other features like digital display, defrost option, LED clock display and Child-Safety lock facility.

For defrosting, reheating and cooking to do in small kitchens, dorm rooms, office space etc, compact type of oven would be an essential need. Kenmore 70719 compact counter top microwave oven is specially designed for such areas and can be a good choice for everyday convenient and easy cooking.

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