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Bagotte BG600 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ease of use and time saving is what makes Robotic Vacuum cleaners dearer to every home. In this section a new product has arrived – Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner. Have a look at its specifications and feature in below brief Bagotte BG600 review.

Bagotte BG600 is a slim design robot vacuum cleaner with only 2.7″ height and can sweep under almost any furniture in your home. With working noise as less as 55dB, cleaning process by Bagotte BG600 would be peaceful.

The BG600 has a suction power of 1500Pa. With one touch activation and 3 stage cleaning process, the vacuum cleaner removes debris, dust and pet hairs easily from carpets, hardwood floors and tiles. The 3 point cleaning system has 2 spinning side brushes, that can be loosened, helps in suctioning debris from your floors.

Omni directional Smart sensor is other useful feature of Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner. The intelligent infrared sensor direct the vacuum cleaner to sweep under furniture and to restrain from falling from stairs, cliff detector is also provided.

Bagotte BG600 is equipped with 6 cleaning modes – single room cleaning, time scheduling, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, auto cleaning and max power vacuuming cleaning. In time scheduling mode, we can set our own time schedule by remote control and start the cleaning process while sleeping, shopping or other travel. Sweeping of troublesome rooms can be done using Max Power Cleaning mode.

Now let’s us look into its battery capacity and charging time. With 2600mAh Li-ion battery, Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner works for 100 minutes.  Once charge is low, the vacuum finds charging station with the help of on-board AI technology. Charging time needed is 300 – 360 mins and once charged, it works for 100 minutes.

With dual multi surface brushes and rubber surface suction port, the Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner can quickly and smoothly remove any kinds of dirt, thus making it most suitable for any families.

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