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MOOSOO RT40 & RT50 Review

There is not much of innovation we see in robotic vacuums recently. Suction capacity, mopping technology, Smart and voice controls, collision detection, scheduling and mapping are quite some variations we normally seeing now a days. MOOSOO RT40 and RT50 Robotic vacuum cleaners are new entrants in the market, released from the brand that has legacy of hot selling MOOSOO RT30 model. Is this model just a old wine in new bottle or really has got anything new, let’s find it out in our MOOSOO RT40 & RT50 Review.

MOOSOO RT40 RT50 Review
MOOSOO RT40 RT50 Review

One difference we could easily identify on MOOSOO RT40 as soon we unbox the product is its Blue radial textures compared to brown texture in the RT50. Both models come with identical specification. The new models look more striking and elegant compared to RT30 vacuum. In terms of suction capability, the brand also upgraded them to 2200Pa compared to earlier 2000Pa. It improved suction capability, the vacuum can pick up to 6mm steel balls easily. Also can do heavy cleaning job on carpets, sticky and stubborn dirt.

Both MOOSOO RT40 & RT50 models comes with 3000mAh Li-ion battery that works up to 120 minutes. The robotic vacuums returns to their charging station when the battery dries out. They are well designed and programmed to take proper zig-zag route to clean the floor without leaving any gaps.

Both models also comes with other useful features like Gyroptic navigation sensors, obstacle detection, Alexa – Google Assistant voice controls and smartphone app controls. The product also comes with a remote, though you don’t actually need it when you have the smartphone app installed that has got more controls. Overall, both MOOSOO RT40 and RT50 models come with better features and design to attract more customers.

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