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Experobot EX500 Review

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The new Experobot EX500 is released to the market recently. We don’t know why the brand is counting the numbers backward for its model numbers, but the EX501 model released last year was quite a hit in the market. Here is a quick Experobot EX500 review to explore what this new model has to offer differently from its competitors.

The first thing you notice when you unbox any of the Experobot product is its striking design. The new Experobot EX500 is not an exception. The robotic vacuum cleaner comes with attractive and eye catchy design. The dual-tone design with superior quality material makes it look premium and expensive.

Coming to performance, the ultra slim vacuum clear features 1400Pa suction capacity. Not so powerful compared to 2000Pa plus models in the market. However, the vacuum cleaner does decent job in picking pet hairs, dirt and dust. The model also has multiple cleaning modes to suit the need. It can efficiently clean wooden floor, carpet, marble or tile floors.

The vacuum cleaner features special designed V-shaped rolling bush and brush-less motor to do the heavy cleaning task, very quietly. Like any other model at this price range, the Experobot EX500 also offers few useful features. The product has got advanced infrared technology and anti-collision technology to keep itself safe while cleaning stairs and near furniture.

Considering the price tag of the Experobot EX500, the robotic vacuum cleaner is offers value for money. If you’re looking for a decent robotic vacuum cleaner that keeps your floor clean, without costing you heavy, we recommend to check this product out.

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