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Shark ION AV751 – Robot Vacuum

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There are many under $50 robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market today, as well as over $400 products. If you’re wondering is it worth to spend more on premium quality models or the cheaper ones are reliable, here is a good news for you. The latest Shark ION AV751 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with attractive price tag and specification to get the job done. Read our Shark ION AV751 review to explore more about this new budget-friendly vacuum cleaner.

The SharkNinja, one of the well-known brand in vacuum cleaners has released another mid-priced model, the AV751. The brand’s earlier robotic models like IQ RV1001 and R75, were quite a good hit in the market with tons of positive reviews from its users. The brand has few good cordless stick vacuums also as well. Let’s find out if the new AV751 upholds the legacy of Shark brand.

The new model comes with Tri-Brush technology for deep cleaning performance. The device pulls the dirt and dust from corners & edges, channels dirt to cleaning path and efficiently picks up small & large debris. The robotic cleaner works well in any kinds of floors, whether wooden, tiles, granite or carpet.

One of the key selling feature on Shark ION AV751 is its voice control support. The robotic vacuum cleaner takes your voice command through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. You can easily schedule, start and stop the device just by speaking.

The Shark ION AV751 also equipped with cliff sensors and proximity sensors to keep itself and your furniture safe from falling & scratching. The vacuum cleaner works up to 2 hours on a single charge and automatically goes back to its charging station when power drains.

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