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ISWEEP X5 Review

ISWEEP X5 Review

It’s good to have a robotic vacuum cleaner with mopping feature, if your floor gets not only dusty but also dirty. If you’re investing on a robotic vacuum cleaner, also look for this feature along with suction capacity, automatic charging, smart controls and other specifications. Isweep X5 is one such new product in the market that comes with many useful features, including mopping. Is this new vacuum cleaner meets all your needs, let’s find it out in our Isweep X5 review.

The robotic vacuum cleaner comes with 2000 Pa suction capacity. Powerful enough to pull stubborn sticky dust particles, pet hair, dirt from all kinds of floors, including carpets. The model features three levels of suction settings to suit the cleaning needs. At full capacity it does a deeper cleaning, 1600Pa and 900Pa settings helps in saving the power and quick runs. It has got big 500ml dust collection box, so you can reduce frequency of emptying it.

The key selling feature on the Isweep X5 is its mopping feature. The model has got innovative mopping technology, which vibrates 500 times per min to offer a effective floor cleaning. The water level also can be set to high, medium or low based on floor cleaning targets. The device has 350ml water tank, decent enough to cover medium sized room.

The Isweep X5 comes with 2500 mAh battery that can run for 2 hours on a single charge. Like other models in the market at this price range, the X5 also goes back to its charging station automatically when the battery drains. The robotic vacuum cleaner also has got few other cool and useful features like Smartphone App controls, scheduling & automatic cleaning, zoned & spot cleaning, anti-falling and Anti-collision technologies.

Overall, the Isweep X5 robotic vacuum cleaner comes with very good features and specifications at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner with mopping feature, this budget-friendly model is one to look for. The model offers good value for money.

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