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UNbeaten Fast 600 Air Purifiers Review

UNbeaten Fast 600 Air Purifiers Review

Now you can assure clean and pure air to your family at an affordable cost, thanks to UNbeaten Fast 600 Air Purifier. The latest air purifier from UNbeaten comes with True H13 HEPA Air Filters, also with smart features. If you’re looking for a reliable quality HEPA air purifier, this new product could be one in the list to consider. Here is our quick UNbeaten Fast 600 Air Purifiers Review to explore more about this new model.

If you’re pet lover and also have kids at home, a good air purifier is a must. Pet dander and fur are common causes of allergies for most people. Air purifiers also effectively remove airborne particles, dust, smoke and odor. Few premium quality models available in market are also capable of trapping airborne bacteria and viruses. The good thing is, you can buy air purifiers online at an affordable price.

UNbeaten Fast 600 is one such good air purifier, which comes with dual level filters. It features a high-quality H13 True HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of airborne particles as tiny as 0.3 microns (0.0003mm). The model has activated carbon filter as second layer, which absorbs smoke, hair, pet fur, lint, also odor to certain extent.

The device not only keeps good air quality in your room, also keeps it fresh with pleasant aroma. One of the innovative features in the “Fast 600” is its perfume tray. You can add your favorite liquid perfume or aromatherapy essential oil in to the tray and say goodbye to any kind of odor. The model is designed to offer clean air up to 1100 ft² in 1hour.

Another useful feature in the UNbeaten Fast 600 is its voice control support. You can download the Smart App on your smartphone and monitor or control the device from anywhere. You can check real-time air quality, turn on/off the purifier, set timer and fan speeds.

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