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Tenergy T320 Portable Power Station Review

A good portable power station will serve as a life safer while you’re on a family tour or outdoor activity. You don’t have to worry about laptop, table or your smartphone battery levels and capacity. Even, they come very handy in family gatherings and audio/video entertainment on your yard without messing with long wires. Tenergy T320 is one such portable power station available in the market that offers good features and input-output options. Here is our Tenergy T320 Review to explore more about this Portable Power Station.

Tenergy T320 Review

The latest Tenergy T320 model comes with powerful 300Wh battery to support variety of your needs. The device has got 8 output ports with both AC and DC supply. Two 110V Pure Sine Wave AC output is provided to charge your laptop, portable fan, lamp or any AC unit that needs <200W. Two standard USB ports and one Type C output port is available to charge smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices, speakers and any other DC charged gadgets. The unit also has 12V, 8A DC barrel output ports to support flood lights, portable vacuum cleaner, mini fridge and other small appliances.

Best and most useful feature in the Tenergy T320 is it’s multiple charging (input) options. The portable power station can be charged with AC wall adapter, with car DC output or even with solar panel. You can conveniently charge the unit at home with AC source before taking it outdoor or charge it on the go in your car. Solar charging will be a life saver if you don’t find any power source. However, the solar panel doesn’t come with the product, you need to buy it separately.

The Tenergy T320 features a small LCD display panel that indicates the battery level. The model also has a decent LED emergency light. With strong and rugged build-quality, the unit looks durable. It is also compact, weighs just 8.4lb and easy to carry. Company claims the battery to last over 2K charging cycles.

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