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Best Robotic Vacuum with Mapping Technology (2020 Updated)

Thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner to keep your house clean and healthy for your family? Then why not go for a robotic vacuum with mapping technology. Now you can delegate floor cleaning tasks to a smart vacuum cleaner that works automatically on scheduled time, charges itself when its battery gets low, without your intervention. With mapping technology built-in, the smart vacuum cleaners also perform selective area cleaning. Here are short reviews of some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners with mapping technology built-in.

Robocist 850 – Smart Robot Vacuum

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The Robocist 850 doesn’t come with a boasting specification, but does the cleaning job perfectly. The smart device features decent suction capacity of 1600Pa and has got larger dustbin volume of 500ml. Apart from area mapping feature, the budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaner also supports voice control through Alexa and Google assistant.

The Robocist 850 is powered with durable 2600 mAH battery, which lasts up to 100 minutes of non-stop working. Read more about Robocist 850..

Proscenic 820S Robot Vacuum with Mapping

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Proscenic 820S is another hot selling vacuum cleaner in the market that comes with cleaning area mapping feature. The smart device comes with 1800Pa Max Suction capacity and features 600ML large dust box. With Android and iOS app support you can monitor the real-time cleaning map and program the cleaning schedule.

The Proscenic 820S has innovative Vboost technology that automatically recognizes your floor type while cleaning. When it reaches over a carpet and it automatically switches to maximum suction power and as soon it leaves the carpet, the robot returns to its previous suction power. Read customer Reviews on Proscenic 820S..

Aiibot T360 – Budget Vacuum Cleaner

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The Aiibot T360 is the latest smart Vacuum Cleaner in the market that comes with all useful features at an affordable price. This model comes with 1200pa vacuum suction capability and works quietly. The device is powered with 2600mAH Lithium battery, which works up to 60 minutes on single charge.

Other than mapping feature, this robotic cleaner also features built-in 360° anti-collision and anti-falling intelligent sensor technology. Read detailed Aiibot T360 Review..

Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum with Mapping

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Roborock S4 is one of the powerful and premium quality vacuum cleaner available in the market today. The model comes with 2000Pa Strong Suction capacity and high-precision laser navigation system. This best selling vacuum cleaner scans your room at 300RPM and creates a real-time house map with +/- 2cm accuracy.

The Roborock S4 also has got powerful 5200mAh LiPo battery that offers 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning on single charge. The smart vacuum cleaner features multiple cleanup modes, Built-In Fall Protection, selective room scheduling and zone cleaning technologies.

Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mapping

Pureatic Robotic vacuum with mapping technology

The Pureatic V2S Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with 1500PA Strong Suction capacity and 4400mAh Li-ion battery. The vacuum cleaner works up to 100 minutes on a single charge. This device intelligently navigates and maps your home, also cleans in straight lines rather random pattern.

The Pureatic V2S has got large 650ML dust box, which holds more dirt and reduces the frequency of emptying. The robotic vacuum cleaner also features 360° anti-collision and intelligent anti-drop technology. Ready user reviews on Pureatic V2S..

Bagotte BG800 Robotic Vacuum

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Bagotte BG800 is another very powerful Robotic Vacuum Cleaner released recently that comes with smart mapping technology. The latest device comes with amazing 2200Pa suction capacity, powerful enough to even pull an AA sized battery. The model comes with 3 suction modes (Low/Medium/MAX) to suite all kinds of floors. With its Carpet Boost Technology, the vacuum cleaner automatically ramps up to maximum suction power whenever it detects an extra-strength cleaning job.

The Smart Bagotte BG800 robotic vacuum also supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice command. The device is equipped with 13 infrared-sensors to ensure Anti-collision and Anti-Dropping. Read user reviews on Bagotte BG800..

Okay, you have gone through all the above listed high-end and best vacuum cleaners with mapping technology. If you do not want to spend more money on these premium quality products and still need a simple and basic robotic vacuum cleaner that does the job perfectly, without burning a hole on your pocket we suggest to take a look at Experobot Mini K5AV. This budget friendly product doesn’t come with mapping technology, but has got decent capacity to keep your floor clean.

The vacuum cleaner market is flooded with low-cost Chinese products that either fails to perform efficiently or stops working after few days. If you’re looking for a reliable product, above few are the best robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with mapping technology and other useful features.

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