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Robocist 850 Review – Smart Robot Vacuum

As the low cost Chinese robotic vacuum cleaners are flooding in the market, there are very few premium quality products you find that are worth buying. The new Robocist 850 smart robotic vacuum cleaner is one such device. The model doesn’t come with a boasting specification, but does the cleaning job perfectly. Here is a quick Robocist 850 Review to explore what this vacuum cleaner brings to the table.

The latest Robocist 850 comes with decent suction capacity of 1600Pa, which is on a lower side compared to other models in same price range that come with over 2000Pa. Nevertheless, the device efficiently sucks annoying wet dirt or tangling pet and human hair. The vacuum cleaner has multiple modes to suite your floor type, ranging from stronger suction to a lower suction for quiet cleaning at nights.

Once you unpack the box, power on the device, set the charging deck and program the cleaning schedule, the Robocist 850 sets you free from tiring house cleaning and keeps your floor clean without you getting close to it. The robotic vacuum cleaner features durable 2600 mAH battery that supports for 100 minutes of non-stop working. The robot is self-charging, it goes back to its charging deck when the battery gets low. This model also has got larger dustbin volume of 500ml, helping you to reduce the disposing intervals.

The Robocist 850 also sports all the useful features that any other high-end vacuum cleaner offers. The device comes with all-direction smart sensors, anti-collision and anti-drop technologies. Its thin 2.7 inch design also helps it to access underneath furniture where the dust hides. This smart robotic vacuum cleaner also supports voice control through Alexa and Google assistant, offering you a greater convenience to delegate the cleaning tasks without even getting closer to the device.

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