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Kealive I6 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Are you still wasting your precious time and energy in manually brooming your house? Then its time to delegate that work to a robotic vacuum cleaner and use your time on other important things. Here is a quick Kealive I6 Review on the latest robotic vacuum cleaner in the market, read further to know if this model suits your needs.

The new Kealive I6 model comes with an attractive smooth looking design with premium quality material, but with an affordable price tag. As its design, its specification also looks impressive compared to other products at this price range. The device comes with powerful 2000 Pa suction capability and does its job effectively without making much noise. Its noise level is less than 35 DB, making it one of the quietest robotic vacuum cleaner in the market.

The I6 model from Kealive features 2600 mAH battery that lasts for 130 minutes of sweeping on a single charge. Similar all the premium robotic vacuum cleaners in the market, when the battery drains out, this device goes back to its charging station by its own. The equipment has got 0.8 liters of dust storage capacity, reducing your frequency of interventions to dispose the dust. The model keeps your house clean, completely on autopilot once power it on and set the cleaning schedule.

The Kealive I6 Upgraded model comes with 2.7 inch super thin design, which easily navigates below your furniture and ensure a healthy place for your family. The deice has got 360deg smart sensor that keeps the device safe from falling down from stairs, colliding with other objects or scratching your furniture.

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5 thoughts on “Kealive I6 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    1. Did you ever get an answer? Mine is doing the same thng. Ihave had it for a week and no contact number.

  1. I need replacement filters. I cannot find them ANYWHERE. I would hate to have to dump it because I can find parts.

  2. Hey, you can reach out their customer service team – service @ kealive .com (without spaces)

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