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Goplus Corded Scarifier Review

If you’re looking for a budget friendly dethatcher and scarifier to keep your lawn green and healthy, the new Goplus carded 10Amp model is the one to check out. Here is a quick Goplus Corded Scarifier Review to explore what this new model has to offer.

The latest Goplus 10Amp dethatcher and scarifier comes with powerful 1400W electric motor to carry out the heavy duty work. It has 14-inch wide deck to complete the dethatching task in fewer passes. The equipment features sharp blade to elevate weeding efficiency. And it has 4 position dept settings to dethatch from -0.4 inches deep below the soil to 0.2 inches high above soil, to meet different needs of all kinds of grass. It has easily adjustable level to set the cutter positions.

The equipment’s scarified function helps in cutting matted layers of grass to get thicker growth. It features a larger collection bag with a capacity of 40L, reduces the frequency of you dumping the weeds. The collection bag is easily detachable from the scarifier and it has got a handle to easily carry and dispose the weeds from bag.

The Goplus 10Amp dethatcher and scarifier comes with an innovative dual switch, to ensure the equipment doesn’t run accidentally. Coming to its design and built quality, the equipment is made of strong and durable plastic shell with Aluminum frames. The device also has IPX4 level of water-proof protection.

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