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Aiibot T360 Review – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Aiibot T360 is the new Robotic Vacuum Cleaner in the market that comes with all useful features at an affordable price tag. The device has cute alien ship looking design with super thin 3.3 inch height. Thought the model is budget friendly, it doesn’t miss anything compared to high-priced premium brand models available in the market. Here is our Aiibot T360 Review to explore more about this automatic vacuum cleaner.

The T360 model comes with powerful 1200pa vacuum suction capability, to ensure your floor gets efficient cleaning. With its strong suction capability, the device cleans up any stubborn dust from any kind of floors and ensures no dust is left. The model has higher suction power compared to other products at same price range, but surprisingly operates quietly compared to other models we reviewed.

The Aiibot T360 features four cleaning modes including a Strong Mode for deep cleaning. The device has 2600mAH Lithium battery that cleans the floor for up to 60 minutes on single charge. The robotic vacuum cleaner automatically goes back to its charging station when the battery drains.

The models is built with strong ABS plastic, looks and feels durable. The device also features 360° anti-collision & anti-falling intelligent sensor technology. The vacuum cleaner can sense the obstacles at a distance of 15mm. The model can climb up to an angle of 15deg. Overall, the budget friendly Aiibot T360 works completely automatic without your intervention once you set it right. The only thing you need to take care is cleaning its dust box. The cleaner has 330ml of dust box, to reduce frequency of that work too.

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