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Experobot Mini K5AV Review

Good news for someone who doesn’t want to spend lot of money, still need a robotic vacuum cleaner with all useful features. Experobot has released its new entry level robotic vacuum cleaner model, the Mini K5AV with all basic features at an affordable price. Here is our quick Experobot Mini K5AV Review explore more about this latest entrant.

The Experbot EX501 is the earlier released hot selling and high-end robotic vacuum cleaner by the brand. In the new budget-friendly Mini K5AV, the company has eliminated all fancy features including digital display, remote control, wet & dry mopping and premium looks. The latest model looks very simple, yet decently powerful.

The Experobot K5AV comes with all basic features you need to keep your floor clean. The vacuum cleaner features decent 1500pa Suction capacity and works continuously up to 90 minutes on a single charge, making it an ideal cleaner for larger floor area. The device takes an average 125 minutes to re-charge.

Though it doesn’t has a boasting 2000pa or 2200pa suction capacity, the vacuum clear does a good job for this price point. It efficiently cleans all kinds of floors including wood and carpet. The device has got two side brushes that pulls hair, pet fur and dirt from corners. It also has three cleaning modes, viz. random cleaning, spiral cleaning and edge cleaning to meet all your cleaning needs.

The low-cost Experobot Mini K5AV vacuum cleaner has lot of misses compared to premium quality products. However, the company has kept few basic features like Anti-collision and Anti-fall cliff infrared sensors. The robotic device takes care of itself by avoiding falling from stairs, also scratching your furniture.

The device is compact with 2.7-inch height, which is now a days standard for vacuum cleaners. The Experobot Mini K5AV efficiently reaches and cleans below your furniture. It weighs approximately 3.9 LB and works with decent quietness. You will get four side brushes, AC adapter, filter and instruction manual along with the product.

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  1. If there is any chance you read this please I would appreciate it if you respond. I bought this vacuum (Robert) about 1 year ago and it sat for about 3 months and I can’t get it to turn on. I won’t go on but if you know anything or better yet have the manual (I threw away 3 months ago of course) please contact me! Thanks for your time!

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