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Husqvarna 430XH Review – Robotic Mower

If your neighbors are complaining about noise and fume from your old gas lawn mower, now its time to make the jealous. Get ready to welcome the latest smart robotic lawn mower, filled with tons of useful features to make your life easy. Here is our Husqvarna 430XH Review to explore more about this new automower from renowned brand.

The new Husqvarna 430XH robotic lawn mower is for one who would like to delegate the yard duties at once and forget. The automower keeps your lawn always groomed with out your intervention. The cute device comes with many smart features, including voice control and smart home integration. You can pair the mower to Alexa or Google Home device and this little pet will follow your voice command.

The 430XH also supports Automower Connect App, you can change the mowing schedule, get the updates and control the device remotely from anywhere. The smart mower also has built-in GPS, you will get an immediate alert on your smartphone if someone picks the mower out from defined cutting area. This cute and smart mower will surely attract many eyeballs, but you can find exact location of the mower if someone steals it! is that not great?

Not just boasting features and eye-catchy design, the Husqvarna 430XH has enough power to groom 0.8 acres of uneven terrain with single charge. It returns to its charging station automatically when battery gets low. One you lay out the boundary wires, the mower works day or night, rain or shine and keeps your yard manicured. Its laser sharp blades cuts the grass very shortly so that the clippings go back to earth as natural fertilizer.

Overall, the Husqvarna 430XH is one of the best robotic lawn mowers that money can buy. If you have enough budget and looking for a set-and-forget kind of automatic mower or you’re fed up with noise and smoke of gas mowers or you just want your neighbors to envy on you, we recommend to go for it.

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