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Oneinmil RV175D and RV175 Review – Gas Lawn Mower

Oneinmil RV175D and RV175 are recently released two budget friendly gas lawn mowers. Both these mowers comes with high power gas engines and identical specifications, except one being an Electric start. Here is our quick Oneinmil RV175D and RV175 Review to explore how good these low cost Self-Propelled Gas lawn mowers are.

These mowers features 173.9CC OHV gas engines with self-propelling rear wheel drive. With ease and little efforts, you can maneuver any uneven terrain on your yard. The mower has 7″ front and 10″ rear wheels. Its ‘Personal Pace’ variable self-propelling speeds and well-sized wheels helps you to take full control of its movements.

The gas mower sports 20.9-inch steel cutting deck, adjustable to 8 height settings. You can manicure the grass anywhere from 0.98″ to 2.95″ heights with its easy one lever adjustment. The gas mower can bag, side discharge or mulch with high efficiency with quick passes.

The high-end Oneinmil RV175D model comes with both Recoil and Electrical starting capability. Whereas, the Oneinmil RV175 has only Recoil starting. Both the gas mower models weigh around 77 lbs and has reliable built-quality. If you’re looking for a decent self-propelled gas engine lawn mower with a price tag that doesn’t burn a hole on your pocket, we recommend to go for any of these two models.

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7 thoughts on “Oneinmil RV175D and RV175 Review – Gas Lawn Mower

  1. I need to buy an air filter. I cannot identify the replacement. Can you help ? Thanks RV

  2. I need a replacement part , the little grass door on the operator’s right, and the adjoining part that the door connects to.

    1. Hi Sara, you can call to the company directly, contact details provided in earlier comments.

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