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Craftsman T225 Review -Best Riding Lawn Mower?

If you are searching for a best riding lawn mower at an affordable price range, the latest Craftsman T225 is one of the option you could have come across. The new model from Craftsman comes with few upgrades to its earlier best selling T135 and T150 mowers. Here is our quick Craftsman T225 Review to explore how best this model is, compared to its predecessors and competitors.

The new Craftsman T225 helps you to groom your yard with much comfort and fun. The riding lawn mower comes with a powerful 19 HP Briggs and Stratton Gold gas engine. Its powerful and high efficiency gas engine makes it an ideal mower for large and medium sized yards. The gas engine also features ReadyStart technology that ensures quick start of the mower.

The compact tractor features 20-inch rear wheels and 15-inch front wheels, with cast iron axle. The wheels are made of strong and durable material for a long lasting service. The riding lawn mower has 46-Inch wide cutting deck, capable of cutting, trimming and clipping larger area of grass in single quick sweep.

The company has made some improvements in T225 mower compared to T135 and T150, those come with matching specification of 19 HP gas engine and 46-inch cutting deck. Craftsman T225 comes with a high-back seat, foot adjustable hydro-transmission and two additional smaller wheel on cutting deck for a comfortable and smoother ride on any uneven yard. The mower also has mow-in-reverse feature, which will helps in weaving in-and-out of trouble spots on your yard.

Overall, with powerful gas engine, wider and sharper cutting deck, easily maneuverable wheel design, comfortable seating design, durable material and robust construction, and affordable price tag makes the Craftsman T225 one of the best riding lawn mower available in the market today. If you have a large uneven yard and the T225 fits in your budget, just go for it.

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