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Kalala Lawn Mower Review – 161cc Gasoline Push Mower

There are few big names when it comes to lawn mowers and gardening equipment, selling their products at higher price to encash their brand image. For one who is looking for reliable quality lawn mower, without paying extra for the Brand Name, the new Kalala Lawn Mower could be one such equipment to consider. Here is a Kalala Lawn Mower Review to explore more details of this Gasoline Push Mower.

The new Kalala Lawn comes with very good built-quality and powerful specification to outsmart many leading gas lawn mower brands. The equipment also has striking and premium looking design.

The mower is powered by 161cc overhead valve gasoline engine, powerful enough to take do the job. The cutting height can be adjusted to 8 different levels, as short as 1.5 inch to maximum 3.5 inches. The gas Mower has a cutting width of 20 inches, which trims a good amount of area in one sweep.

The Kalala lawn mover is well deigned with 7″ height front wheels and 10″ height rear wheels, which make it easy and convenient to maneuver and control during mowing. The equipment also has water bottle holders and small box to carry towel or pack of cigarettes.

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