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Clymen Q8 Review – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Want to gift your loved ones with something special, something that will lessen their burden of cleaning home. Robotic vacuum cleaner would be the excellent choice for them. Clymen has introduced its Clymen Q8 in their robotic vacuum cleaner series. All types of fine dust, pet hairs and other dirts from wooden floors, hard floors, low pile carpets and rugs can be easily cleaned using this robotic vacuum cleaner. Lets us have a look to its features through a quick Clymen Q8 review.

Clymen Q8 robotic vacuum cleaner or Clymen Q8 pet vacuum cleaners have HEPA filter and primary filter giving double filtration with 2 side brushes. Along with UV light, vacuuming helps in avoiding allergens and other germs from your home, keeping kids and pets safe from allergies.

Mopping mode and vacuum mode is other feature of the Q8 robotic vacuum cleaner. Clean your wooden floor or hard floor using the mopping mode, whereas for carpets, vacuum mode would be ideal. Also a water tank is there for cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. Cleans the floor in zig zag manner and also effectively cleans edges of room.

With the 2D navigation system and Wifi connectivity, the smart Clymen Q8 robotic vacuum cleaner travels through floors and carpets without any discontinuity. Voice control is also there and can be connected with Amazon Alexa for easy cleaning of the room.

Notable features of Clymen Q8 also include low working noise (less than 65dB), auto recharging battery, surface sterilization using UV light. With a dimension of 13.4×13.4×3.5 inch, the device is compact enough to reach every corner of the house, under furnitures. 2 extra side-brushes and an extra HEPA-filter is also provided by the manufacturer.

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