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iClebo O5 Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Experience an extraordinary cleaning performance with the new robotic vacuum cleaner. Yujin Robot company has released latest iClebo O5 model to market with top-class features. Read our iClebo O5 review further to know what this new product brings to the table.

Key features of the product includes: 3 level suction modes, anti – tangle blade, remote cleaning master, ultra powerful suction, deep corner camera mapping system and smart app editor.

The iClebo O5 robotic vacuum cleaner has BLDC suction motor helping in easy and quick cleaning of debris from your home or office. 3 levels of suction power is provided for in-depth, normal and silent cleaning. Night cleaning can be done with unique quiet mode that runs at just 44.5dB.

Its 3 driving modes – Auto, Max and Spot vacuum cleaning, also wet/dry mopping feature makes cleaning process more effective. Intensive cleaning process can be done with Smart-Turbo Mode, which thoroughly removes sand, cereals and pet hair from your floor. Suction power gets adjusted automatically while cleaning dusty areas in the Automatic Turbo Mode.

The iClebo O5 robotic vacuum cleaner is WiFi enabled and compatible with Google Assistant Apps and Alexa. We can command – Start, Stop, Back to Base and status functions through Alexa & Google Assistant. Remote/Scheduled cleaning is possible with WiFi App enabling us to start and stop the process, also to check status of cleaning.

Another useful feature you can find in iClebo O5, it creates a map of your house and thereby you can select the area to be cleaned or block some desired areas from cleaning. Along with the 130-degree Deep Corner Camera Mapping System, it captures 20 frames per second for creating map of required cleaning area for impressive vacuuming under furniture.

Smart auto charging function in the iClebo O5 assist in returning to its base station whenever charge is less, and to resume cleaning from the area where it stopped. It can work for 120 minutes in level 1 suction power once charged. Fall prevention sensor prevents the robot vacuum cleaner from falling downstairs or cliffs as it senses about 1.5″ height.

The product features rubber anti-tangle blades that reduces hair tangles in the brush, thereby helps in easy maintenance of the cleaner. Along with these useful features, the iClebo O5 comes with slim 3.5 inch design that can pass under closets, beds, sofas and remove debris effectively from your home.

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