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Craftsman M125 Review – Gas Lawn Mower

The latest Craftsman M125 gas powered lawn mover comes with many useful features and much needed power. Will this new product from well-known brand meets your needs, let’s find that out in our Craftsman M125 Review.

The M125 mower comes with 163cc Briggs & Stratton 675 exi gas engine. Thanks to its recoil and ready start technology, which with one pull starts the engine. This push lawn mower model features a 21-inch cutting deck, which helps in covering the wider area with fewer passes.

The Craftsman M125 mower also features both rear discharge and side discharge, also mulching capabilities. You can adjust the trimming heights to 6 different settings by using its dual levers. Its adjustable handle is ergonomically designed to provide much comfort to the user and get the lawn works easier.

This gas powered mower sports 7″ front wheels and 11″ rear wheels, made of durable material. The well designed and sized wheels with zag treading provides better traction and ease to push, even in uneven terrains. The mower navigates like a charm on any kinds of yards.

Overall, the latest Craftsman M125 mower comes with powerful gas engine and useful features to operate with minimum efforts. This mower could easily be a first choice for someone looking for powerful lawn mower from a reliable brand at an affordable price tag.

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  1. For home owners who lave large lawn, the gas lawn mower is the best choice. They do not have to worry about the wires and the cords. They can move around easily – fewer constraints and less burden for them.

    Thank you for the review, this is amazing choice.

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