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Roborock Xiaowa C10 Review – Automatic Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock has introduced new automatic robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock Xiaowa  C10 for effective cleaning of whole house, mainly carpets and pet hairs. Have a look at the quick Roborock Xiaowa C10 review.

With a strong suction of 1600Pa and a dust bin of 640ml, Roborock Xiaowa automatic robotic vacuum cleaner removes all types of dirt, pet hair and garbage from your floor and carpets. Once charged, the vacuum cleaner works for 2 hours continuously. Recharges automatically after every cleaning cycle.

The device detect edges and cleans thoroughly through tight spot cleaning, bounce back cleaning and corner sweeping technologies. Bounce back cleaning helps the cleaner to change its direction while encountering any obstacles or wall. And tight spot cleaning allows the Roborock Xiaowa C10 in cleaning the hard to reach areas in your home.

Another feature of the Roborock Xiaowa is the 2cm strong obstacle crossing ability. This makes the robotic vacuum cleaner more suitable for cleaning around any complex things in every home.

The Roborock Xiaowa C10 automatic robotic vacuum cleaner can be controlled using Mi Home smartphone app and allows you to start cleaning process whenever needed with ease. The vacuum cleaner can also be worked without WiFi. For this 3 buttons are provided to start, stop and head back the cleaner to the dock.

With a simple smart look and good working features the Roborock Xiaowa automatic robotic vacuum cleaner helps to clean your home efficiently and easily.

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