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NXR SC4811 Review – Gas Burner with Convection Oven


With NXR SC4811 Gas Range Burner in kitchen, cooking would be a delightful experience for you. The product will bring commercial restaurant look to your kitchen. It has 6 versatile single stack burners with power ranging from 6000 BTU to 18000 BTU, butterfly broiler burner with 10,000 BTU and convection oven with 22000 BTU. Here is a quick NXR SC4811 Review to explore this latest product’s features.

The whole gas range is made of stainless steel with silk screen printed knobs, which gives an elegant look to the product. The cleaning of the drip pan of the Cooktop would be easy as it is made of porcelain.  Thanks to its re-ignition system, preventing gas build up and overall safety of the gas range is ensured.

Two separate ovens in NXR SC4811 Gas Range has 4.5 & 2.7 cu ft. capacity. The large oven has windows dimension of 19.7″ x 11.8″ and the smaller oven has window dimension of 7.7″ x 11.8″ and 2 halogen lights allows clear visibility inside the oven, even when doors are closed.

The food is ensured to be evenly cooked as the oven has convection fan. The butterfly broiler in the oven is  suited for easily cooking small pieces of meat by providing high heat without losing flavor of the food. Cleaning inside of the oven is also easy, as it is coated with onyx black porcelain.

In overall, NXR SC4811 Gas Range Burner with Convection Oven ensures better cooking experience from quick boiling/roasting to delicate stewing. The product looks premium and designed to add elegance to your kitchen.

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