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MRP US ICE702 Review – Portable Ice Maker

Looking for a portable ice maker at budget price? This MRP US ICE702 Portable Ice Maker Review could help you to decide if this latest product in the market can solve your problem. The compact ice maker comes with many useful features and has affordable price tag.

The appliance comes with attractive compact design and stainless steel finish. Though the outer casing has shiny finish, its not a fingerprint magnet. The device looks neat, clean and premium. The device has got digital reading from a small LCD display panel on the front side, along with easy to operate push buttons.

MRP US ICE702 ice maker is powered by a micro-computer and energy efficient compressor. The ice maker operate very quietly and makes use of environment friendly refrigerant, and is CFC free.

The portable machine looks very compact but has large 2 quart water storage tank and 2.5lbs ice storage basket. The device alerts in case of water shortage and goes to standby mode when ice formation is complete. Both alarms are precisely controlled by the micro-computer. Its top lid is transparent, enables you to watch the whole process as it produces transparent bullet round ice. Its insulated interior keeps the ice in shape even when the machine is in off mode for a long time.

The ice maker is capable to make 27 pounds of transparent ice every 24 hours, and is suitable for home, office use, and small shops. If you’re looking for a state-of-art portable ice maker, MRP US ICE702 ice maker is the one to consider, which doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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