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GE JES1097SMSS Review – A smart Oven

Did you know that GE has introduced a Smart Microwave oven which can connect to WiFi and enables hands-free working using voice commands and has scan to cook technology. Here is the quick GE JES1097SMSS review to explore features of this new Smart Microwave Oven.

The GE JES1097SMSS microwave oven is made of stainless steel and has 0.9 cu.ft capacity. It is pre-programmed for cooking and reheating in seven modes – Beverage, Dinner Plate, Pizza, Popcorn, Potato, Reheat and Vegetable.

The attractive feature of this counter top oven is its voice enabled controlling.Through Amazon Alexa you can easily control the oven from any room. Imagine you are multitasking in kitchen and suddenly you want to change the power level of oven, no need to rush near it and push the button, just say ” Alexa, microwave on low for 20 seconds”. You can set time, add more time, set power levels or stop the GE JES1097SMSS microwave oven from anywhere.

The Scan-to-Cook technology in the GE JES1097SMSS microwave oven helps you in cooking the frozen foods. There is no need to read how to cook frozen food. Instead scan the bar code into the GE Appliances Kitchen App and this will program the oven to set right power level and cooking time for the frozen food according to the instructions on the food packet.

This 900 watts GE JES1097SMSS microwave oven has electronic touch LED digital display with ten power level settings for cooking and reheating, kitchen timer to keep you on track of the cooking and a clock for knowing exact time and date. The oven has stainless steel exterior, LED light inside the oven for clear vision and a glass turntable that rotates food throughout the cooking time.

Lots of other features are also offered in this oven, like provision for multistage cooking, automatic defrosting time and manual control of power level, ‘insert food reminder’ to prevent you from starting cooking cycle without keeping food inside. Also control panel can be locked so that your child can’t start the oven accidentally.

For any home kitchen or office break rooms the GE JES1097SMSS microwave oven would be a right choice for easy and convenient cooking with the WiFi enabled features.

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