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DuroMax XP2300iH – XP9000iH Review

Duromax XP2300iH - XP9000iH Review

DuroMax, the brand known for heavy duty power generators has released two new models to market recently. We have seen from its earlier products, the brand is committed to assure the maximum and efficient power supply to its users and keep their families in comfort. With the latest technologies and more advanced systems used in them, you can enjoy constant supply of power without any noise and excessive electricity consumption. The latest Duromax XP2300iH and XP9000iH models come with innovative features and dual fuel inverter technology. Let’s look into the main features of these two incredible generators in our Duromax portable generator review.

This latest XP2300iH inverter generator can provide approximate peak power of 2300 watts and running power of 1800watts. Wheras, the XP9000iH offers 9000-watts peak power and 7600watts running power. One of the key features on these models is you can use them on either gas or propane. This dual fuel feature offers you greater flexibility, freedom, and ease of fuel choice at any time. Its runtime on gasoline is 6.5 hours with a 50% load. In contrast, its runtime on propane is 18.1 hours at 50% load.

Another innovative feature we must say is its ‘Double your power’ capability. With that feature, you can maximize the benefits by connecting two invertors to get the doubled power supply for your house.

DuroMax XP9000iH Review

Duromax’s inverter technology promises a clean and stable supply of power with greater protection for your sensitive appliances or electronics. The low oil shutoff feature on XP2300iH and XP9000iH models automatically shuts off the generator when the oil reduces to a minimum level and thus, it saves your generator from damage. Also, it meets the emission standards and is completely safe to use.

Coming to design and built quality, both Duromax XP2300iH and XP9000iH models feels strong and durable. All copper windings make them more durable for years. Its telescopic hands with the rear wheels make it easier for you to move it from one place to another. The digital control center provides quick information like of voltages used, gasoline levels, and also hours in use. Also it comes with the oil funnel, parallel cable, and spark plug wrench so that you won’t have to invest extra money in buying these accessories.

If you want a constant, steady, and more efficient power supply for your home, Duromax XP2300iH or XP9000iH are good choice, based on your power output requirements. Its useful features and above-discussed benefits make it a great choice for your home. So, we highly recommend these two portable power generators over other models at this price range.

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