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Daewoo DWD-35MCRCR Review – Wall Mounted Washing Machine

Washing clothes is now made more convenient through wall mounted washing machines, no more bending down to put clothes inside and taking it out. Daewoo Electronics has introduced a new mini drum wall mounted front load washing machine incorporating both washing and drying mechanism. Let us look into a short Daewoo DWD-5MCRCR review which will help you to know more about the product.

The Daewoo DWD-35MCRCR wall mounted washing machine has an adorable cubic frame super slim design with electronic buttons and touch display. This would give an elegant look wherever it is installed, whether in bathroom, pantry, kitchen or other places in your home.

The load capacity of the washing machine is 3.5Kg with water consumption of 24L for normal programmed washing. The product comes with a dimension of 55 x 65 x 32.4 cm and 20.5Kg weight. The machine works in 220 – 240V ,50/60Hz AC.

The low noise motor in the washing machine helps in reducing noise during washing and there is a provision for night program where washing is done quietly.

Daewoo DWD-35MCRCR wall mounted washing machine has incorported many wash course programs – Standard, Special care, Baby clothing, Boiling 95°C, Steam Wash, Speed Up/Dehydration/Whole Clothing (Cleaning + Drying) / Air fresh. Cleaning and drying can be done at the same time without fabric damage and discoloration. The drying capacity of the product at a time is about 1.5kg. The fabric cleaning by 95℃ Boiling Sterilization laundry will remove toxic germs out of clothes.

Another feature of Daewoo DWD-35MCRCR is that it has normal washing time of only 29 minutes which helps in speedy laundering process minimizing water and power consumption. Also the fine dust and smell in the fabric can be easily get rid with hot air through air refresh course in the machine.

The star drum of the washing machine ensures neat and gentle cleaning of the clothes without getting damaged. Also the door size of the product is bigger than the former model which would reduce the ease of taking clothes out after washing.

Overall the Daewoo DWD-35MCRCR wall mounted front load washing machine would make the washing process more easy along with giving an  elegant look to your home.

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    I’m thinking about purchasing this model. I want to put it on my sailboat in the shower. The location to be just under the shower head. The electric plug would go throught the wall and sealed. The unit would not get direct spray but splash and drips. Would there be an issue.

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