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Craftsman M105 Review – 140cc Gas Lawn Mower

If you’re looking for a powerful and durable gas lawn mower, ready to spend few extra dollars, then your search could end up with Craftsman M105. Here is a quick Craftsman M105 Review to explore more on this new 140cc gas powered push type lawn mower.

The well-know power tool brand, Craftsman, has released premium quality gas lawn mower to the market recently. The new M105 model comes with 140cc OHV gas powered engine coupled with recoil and auto choke. Unlike other models at this price range, you don’t have to struggle with choke anymore, the auto choke with help you to just pull and start using.

The mower has 21″ deck that houses the blade capable of 3-In-1 functions. The M105 mower is equipped with side discharge, rear discharge and mulching capabilities. As with many other models in the market, the 21inch cutting deck in this gas mower ensured wider area grass cutting in single pass. Its zag treaded 7inch front and 8inch rear wheels helps in easy navigation.

Thanks to its dual levers, which allows to adjust the trimmers to 6 different heights settings and trim the grass to exact height you desire. The Craftsman M105 ticks most of the check boxes to meet expectations from a mid-range gas powered law mower.

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